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Setting priority for incoming e-mails

Hi All, You would have seen most of the times our IC agent inbox e-mails will be with “Medium” priority by default. One of the interesting requirement I got recently was to set the priority of incoming e-mails based on different conditions. Requirement in complete was, if user has marked …

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those things about framework enhancement

Purpose: In this article, I will show how the framework enhancement is managed, where to find related information, the navigations between SE18 enhancement spot tool and enhancement implementation tool, and some other related information. Introduction We have known about new Framework enhancement technology. In CRM system, the mostly used technology …

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Dynamic Title descriptions in Assignment Blocks

The requirement is to adopt the Title text with the number of entries in the table as shown above Techincal Developments: In the Overview page add the below code: Method “Update Title” has no parameters Method “Update_View” : Code : Method : “UPDATE_TITLE”    DATA:      lr_view_area       TYPE REF TO bsp_dlc_ovw_assgnm,      …

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How to access SAP CRM Web UI Screen Configuration

SAP Web UI Configuration allows modifying the user screen without coding.  By accessing the “View configuration” is possible to define/modify: Assignment blocks label. Assignment blocks position and visibility (hidden, closed, opened). Overview Assignment Block – Screen layout: Include subsection titles Fields label of screen Fields visibility (add, remove). Field position. …

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