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Building a Better World

Two weeks ago I traveled with my Builders Beyond Borders family to the small village of Villa Japon in Nicaragua. I spent a mere nine days there with 28 other volunteers (ranging from age 14 to 60) but the people I met and the lessons I learned will stay with …

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Learn how the digital supply chain is changing the game for logistics service providers

Products, manufacturing processes, and operational assets, as well as the entire supply chain, are being transformed by digital technologies. Manufacturers, suppliers and logistics partners are now connecting in real time, resulting in digitalized demand and supply networks that are more efficient and responsive than ever. By embracing digital transformation, companies …

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Simulating Maintenance and Service Plans for Airlines

What-if scenarios with SAP Enhanced Maintenance and Service Planning by Katarzyna Maciak  | Product Owner – SAP Custom Development  SAP Enhanced Maintenance and Service Planning provides an executable Maintenance and Service Plan.  The ESMP tool forecasts and schedules maintenance workload based on predicted flying rates and the maintenance program for …

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