Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise

What is New in SAP ASE 16 SP03

If I told you that the latest release of ASE, version 16 Service Pack 03, can do a million plus database transactions a minute by scaling linearly on 64 cores without much tuning, or that, the performance is 40X better than what you currently have with ASE 15.7 without any application changes, or that, ASE has smart in-memory technology that makes optimal use of memory while being governed by a …

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SAP Sybase ASE – Semantic Partitions to the Rescue

Data explosion and the always present request for faster data retrieval led to the introduction of more granular data distribution on physical disks. Even with faster disks, the increase in parallel processing created more contention on a single table. The solution to these data base challenges was to split a single table into multiple partitions that could be accessed independently and still maintain the data integrity of a single table. …

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SAP ASE Roadmap 2017 Webcast

  Improve performance, increased reliability, and heightened efficiency. With the new features in SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, you’ll reap these benefits and more. Register now for our SAP ASE Roadmap 2017 webcast focused on new and exciting features in SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise and the road map for the future: Join Sumit Kundu, seasoned product management and product marketing executive with over 15+ years of enterprise software products ownership. Date: Thursday, March 02, 2017 Time: 09:00 AM …

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