SOLMAN IT Service Management

ITSM Widget MyMessages change/delete user preference for filter values

How can you change/delete user preferences for widgets MyMessages at ITSM homepage? (SolMan 7.1 SP9 and newer) This concerns the following widgets (see view cluster AIC_VC_MYMSG) MyIncidentsAssignedToMeSOLMANPRO MyIncidentsForDispatchingSOLMANDSPTCH MyIncidentsForProcessingByMeSOLMANREQU MyIncidentsReportedByMeSOLMANREQU MyMessagesReportedByMyOrg and there filter values: Processor Team Message Type Status Maximum Number of Results In addition to post ITSM assignment block with maximum number of results too high, these filter values are stored in table DSWPUSERPREFS for a specific user and not in BSPC_DL_PERSSTOR: …

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Integration of SAP Change- and Request Management into Mylyn

What is the motivation behind the project? We are using SAP’s Change and Request Management to plan and roll out our releases. The “problem” with ChaRM is that you need to use the Web-Ui to organize your documents. I am developing in Eclipse using the ABAP Development Tools (ADT), but I need to constantly switch between Eclipse and ChaRM’s Web-Ui in order to maintain my change documents. So I worked out …

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SAP ITSM Text Determination Procedure & Copy Control

Recently while working on Charm Project, there is a requirement from client where we need to add some extra Text fields in “Request for Change” screen. We have added some Z fields & these all fields need to display in “Urgent Change” as Text Log while following up from the same screen. Request for Change Extra Text Determination Z fields: After filling up all the entries you want to display …

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