Software Logistics – System Maintenance

Integrating customer transport requests in updates and upgrades

When you update or upgrade a system, you might not only want to upgrade the system itself with the new functionality that is provided by SAP, but you might want to include your own transport requests. This is for example the case if you create your own releases that provide your custom specific functionality to your users, or if you need to transport upgrade specific adjustments. For this, you need …

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Software Update Manager – Tips and Tricks – Mail Notifier

Today I would like to show you how to use one of my latest discoveries – Software Update Manager Mail Notifier. By using this tool we can get an e-mail alert whenever SUM displays a dialog requesting our action. I think it’s great feature! There is a bug in SUM SP18 PL8 and lower, which makes this tool not working. Please ensure you are using the latest packages from SAP. …

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Introducing the SUM MailNotifier – you have been waiting for this!

MailNotifier in a nutshell: By using MailNotifier, you can now get notified via email when Software Update Manager (SUM) ABAP displays a dialog, so you do not have to frequently check the user interface (UI) during long running phases. Scenario You are running an update, an upgrade, a conversion to SAP S/4HANA, or a DMO process with SUM ABAP. During long running phases, you have to frequently check the UI …

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