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Sales Document Screen Sequence Control

Overview SAP SD provides very dynamic approach to determine the sales document screen sequence. The user interface picks up different sub-screens to work with different business processes. The various user interface components are controlled by the function codes which are defined in the screen sequence group. Let’s go to system …

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Condition Index

Why Index One of the uses of the Condition Index tables is to maintain and display condition records for multiple condition types or multiple access sequences at the same time.  This allows for functionality in VK12 and VK13 that is similar to using the new VK32 and VK33 transactions with …

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SOVA file upload using VE94

Hi, I want to share with you a mistake which was not easy to analyze. I tried to upload new commodity codes from SOVA file using TCode VE94. To avoid not to enter always again starting positions of commodity code, text and special unit of measure I saved my entries from …

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Item Proposal

Hi, I decided to start my blogging journey with Item proposals. Kindly forgive if there are any mistakes. Definition: An Item Proposal is a list of frequently Ordered Materials and Order Quantities. Usage: Saves Order Entry time and effort Path: Logistics -> SD -> Master Data -> Products -> Item …

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