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Best practices for SAP with standalone SAP liveCache

 SAP liveCache Highlights SAP MaxDB Database Studio 7.9.09 is now available SAP MaxDB Database Studio 7.9.09 is now available for download. Version 7.9.09 now supports graphical analysis of theDatabase Analyzer performance metrics using charts. For more information, please access the Database Analyzer Charts entry in SAP Help page. You can …

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LCA build update screenshots – liveCache on maxdb

Remark: Although livecache is based on maxdb, please never use maxdb package to patch a maxdb. Please always use LCA build update package to patch. Afterwards maxdb version will be updated automatically. SAP note 1529690 talks how to update LCA build, which is very straightforward, following is steps with screenshots:Prerequisite: …

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Helpful SAP notes: hot news, list of new features, changes, Patch strategy, Matrix of liveCache Versions for SCM 7.00, SCM 7.01, SCM 7.02 and Later

Helpful SAP notes: Hot news note: 2131914 – Serious liveCache inconsistencies after memory bottlenecks List of new features, changes, enhancements and corrected errors delivered with the liveCache builds for SCM 7.00 and SCM 7.01: 2076540 – SAP liveCache 7.0 Changelog List of new features, changes, enhancements and corrected errors delivered …

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Useful notes for LiveCache connectivity issues

It’s common to see many connection problems from SCM system to LiveCache Databases after SCM/LiveCache upgrades. One common symptom of this are errors in the DB59 connection tests and also short dumps during SCM activities with the following errors: Runtime Errors         DBIF_DSQL2_CONNECTERRExcept.                CX_SY_NATIVE_SQL_ERROR Short text     Error setting up a secondary …

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Livecache migration

Hello, we are planning to bring our SCM system from windows 2003 to Windows 2008 R2. our current version is scm 5.1 and livecahce in . and max db version is 7.7 We found note  : 919224 – System requirement Windows X64 MaxDB/liveCache 7.5 to 7.9 we could see, …

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Explore APO LiveCache

There is a new book on Programming in SAP APO. You might want to check that out. http://www.flipkart.com/programming-sap-apo-1st/p/itmdgt9hbdh6auzu?pid=9781259028441&ref=bc49ea80-1a9b-403b-b9b7-9cf00d7f05db&srno=s_1&otracker=from-search&query=ankush%20agrawal also please read this :- LiveCache is a program for high performance management of objects used by APO application programs (COM Routines). These objects called OMS objects contain application data whose meaning …

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