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Reading SCN from SAPUI5 on NEO?

I’m a sucker for any new technology. Even more so when it revolves around SAP. So lately, I’ve really been pampered with a bunch of new hot ‘n sexy stuff. I kinda stumbled into the NetWeaver Cloud technology (NEO) and while I was looking into that, Rui Nogueira ‘s blog …

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Nested Views in SAPUI5 MVC

Last month Steffen Schwark wrote a good blog on Structuring an SAPUI5 application with MVC, his blog inspired me to port a SAPUI5 application I had been working on to use MVC. I thought I would share the code here on SCN in the hope that others will do likewise …

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Sample UME Application using SAPUI5 and SAP Gateway

Last week started working with SAPUI5 beta and found very interesting. After working on some small examples, started thinking about writing a small application using UI5 as frontend and SAP Gateway as service provider. I tried using various controls and really impressed with the easiness of coding. This a small …

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Structuring an SAPUI5 application with MVC

After playing with the beta shipment of the UI Development Tookit for HTML5 aka SAPUI5 for a bit over the last week I took away a very positive first impression. The environment was straight forward to setup, the documentation detailed and useful, the code did what the documentation promised as …

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