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Technologies Set to Revolutionize Marketing Analytics in 2018

Anybody who’s tracked the analytics market would know how new technologies keep on pushing the bar, and changing the analytics ecosystem in unimaginable ways. These tech revolutions are disrupting markets, making old analytics tools absolutely obsolete, marking the influx of enhanced analytics technologies, and making the benefits accessible as well as affordable for SMBs and enterprises. Whether you’re a data scientist, a tech strategist or consultant, or a CIO – …

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ELK – Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana

Logstash is a very light weight component to ship the logs from one server to centralized servers. In the centralized server we might have run the logstash to apply the pattern and get the required info extracted and then send it to elastic search server. We can configure logstash in any machine, now lets see how can we install and configure in windows Logstash: The server component of Logstash that …

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