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SAP Transportation Management

SAP TM Collaboration Portal Branding Changes

The SAP Transportation Management collaboration portal for carriers (SAP TM collaboration portal) supports collaborative business processes. The SAP TM Collaboration Portal is an web based component based on SAPUI5 Framework allowing collaboration between TM and the carriers. It covers freight procurement, tendering, execution and finally invoicing/dispute management. There is a …

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SAP TM Troubleshooting tips

In this blog series, I would like to describe the various troubleshooting/debugging tips while we come across with a known/unknown behavior of the system. During my tenure working in Transportation Management, I got to learn and explore many things both technically and functionally. But from technical side It is quite …

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Strategic Freight Procurement

Business Case Scenario: John is a transportation manager and is responsible for transportation at XYZ Ltd in Europe, a manufacturer of Chemical Products. The manufactured products are shipped regularly to the various dealer locations in US. John has to identify the logistics service providers or carriers with whom he could …

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Partner Determination Profile In SAP TM.

Partner Determination Profile. It is used to determine the business partners that you use in different business document types. You can also enable the system to automatically determine business partners for forwarding orders with specific Incoterms. This allows you easily and efficiently enter business partners in a business document. Customization …

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SMC³ Integration topics

This is the place where we want to collect all relevant postings and other links for those interested in using SMC³ webservices Rateware XL, Carrier Connect XL and future services in SAP Transportation management. Integration Guides: Integration guide for TM 8.0 integration can be found here Integration guide for TM …

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Scale Base Type and Calculation Base in TM

Scale Base Definition Defines how the system interprets the scale. Use A scale base is a parameter or a factor that can influence transportation charges. Possible scale bases include the following: Product Package type Weight Volume Means of transport Location Distance Business partner Calculation Base Definition Identifies the actual base …

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