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SAP Transportation Management

Get Your Full Load of SAP Best Practices to Efficiently Manage Your Truck Transportation Processes

*** SAP Truck Transportation for Shippers rapid-deployment solutions V1.93 out now ***   What if you are still…? lacking control in transportation decisions, leading to inefficient truck utilization and high transportation expenses, managing constraints such as customer requirements, carrier equipment, and availability, lacking visibility of the transportation process, fulfillment, and …

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How to code a condition call in TM

How to code a condition call   This question is Not Answered.(Mark as assumed answered)    Petra Hunger  Jan 27, 2016 10:48 PM  Currently Being Moderated  Today, I would like to provide sample coding for a condition call. In TM, most of the times, BRF+ conditions are used instead of custom …

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How to find an action in TM

An action is similar to a Function module in ERP that you can use to do stuff for you instead of coding it yourself. But, whereas the FM is generic, an action does a concrete thing and a determination determines something and an association links two nodes. In BOPF, these …

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NWBC 5.0 to download

Its so difficult and long to download nwbc from the SAP market site.  Thus I am posting it here for you to download. Of course, its free and all rights are reserved with SAP AG in Germany and other countries. https://cloud.web.de/ngcloud/external?locale=de&guestToken=1BgFiq8YRW2xK1dWiBLqqQ&loginName On many projects, people do not take time to …

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Activate the TM Quicksearch

This posting is about how to activate the TM quicksearch, a nice way to access TM transactional documents directly from the NWBC search bar. Basically it looks like this, enter a search string in the NWBC search bar, get a result list instantaneously: If you are interested in the functionality, …

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