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SRM UI5 Boosting and Ranking

SRM UI5 boosting and ranking functionality is released with SRM 7.0 EhP4 on the HANA database.  Available with Implementation note 2383392(SRMNXP01 150). 1. Activate Boosting and Ranking Functionality for Users After collecting the approval or rejection from end users, administrator has to first set the user settings by running the report …

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SRM Customer Influence. Have it your way.

For many years SAP Customers have been offered the opportunity to request changes to SAP functionality and propose their suggestions for improvements to the delivered software solution. Previously we had Development Requests, today this is superceeded by the Customer Influence Project.The main aim of the project is collecting small functional requirements …

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Add Attachments in SRM ROS

Summary Supplier registration process is a mandatory process for sourcing activity. For any new suppliers to participate in a bid, they must be created in SRM system. These bidders will be created system using Supplier registration process.Currently we have provision to add attachments in the potential suppliers, but as of …

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SRM Milestone Plan

As of SRM 7.0 EhP4 SP3, Milestone Plan functionality is released for both core as well as PPS(Public sector) customers. Implementation Note: 2273483 What is a Milestone Plan ? A written acquisition plan reflecting the major activities (Milestone Events) to be accomplished in processing the acquisition. Brief overview of functionality …

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SQVI Query: Document is approved by last approver but still the document stuck in Awaiting Approval Status due to workflow error

A simple SQVI Query can be created in order to achieve the subjected requirement. Kindly get the details below. Tables to be Joined: CRMD_ORDERADM_H – Document header Table /SAPSRM/D_WF_000    – Table for persistent class /SAPSRM/CL_WF_PROCESS SWWWIHEAD              – Header Table for All Work Item Types Selection Screen Fields: Transaction Number                               – …

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