SAP SRM, add-on for bid security and expert bid evaluation

Forward Error Handling in Context To SAP SRM

Background SAP SRM system being envisioned as global procurement system is often linked to multiple SAP or non-SAP backend systems. Right from initial days of SRM, SAP provided SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based interfaces to connect to multiple backend or partner systems. Over the years the list of interfaces were only increased thus adding the need for monitoring and Error handling of all these interfaces. To monitor the SOA based integration scenarios SAP provided basic tools like …

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SAP Refresh guide SRM system

If you have been working in the SRM system you must have across a situation where you had refresh/Copy back of the systems and it always breaks the systems to an extent where you cant progress any further. I have prepared this guide to help ease out the steps which should be  followed during and after refresh. Some activities may be handled by the Basis team but its good to know …

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