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Setting the MIME Type

While browsing around the internet, your browser makes many requests for many different types of content. The content that is returned may be an image, a sound file, a SWF file, or hundreds of other things. The browser relies on the web server that’s returning the data to tell it …

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Where Does that URL End Up? Part 2

In the first part of this post we discussed how the SQL Anywhere HTTP Server routes web requests. In brief, when a web request enters the web server, the web server will route the request to the service that most specifically identifies it. This post explains with how you can …

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Where Does that URL End Up? Part 1

When a request enters a web server, the web server must go through a process to determine where the request should be sent, and what program should handle it. Basically, the web server must translate the logical URL into an absolute path. This process is called routing. If you are …

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