SAP Smart Business, core data services version

How to display ALL the hierarchy nodes including no data associated accounts using CDS view and Frontend tools

Building reports based on SAP “Financial Statement Versions” using CDS view is not hard. However, if we don’t have all the data corresponds to each hierarchy node, the line of that corresponding hierarchy node won’t be easily shown in the frontend. Neither using SAP Analysis for Office nor Web Intelligence as the frontend tool. Here the author presents you one way to display all the hierarchy nodes using CDS view …

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How to create ABAP CDS View with enabling derivation of the value for parameters

There have been dozens of blogs online for walking through developers on how to create ABAP CDS view with parameters in ABAP for HANA, however, one major issue still exists is that although input parameters can restrict or filter the data from CDS views, the limitation of the value input for a parameter to filter out more specific data range is significant. Here the author presents you a way to …

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CDS Associations and Path Expressions – ABAP on HANA

This Article demonstrates concept of CDS associations and coding path expression in SQL statements and in CDS view. I will also explain how we can specify Inner join instead of left outer join which is default for CDS associations. SAP wants us to use associations instead of joins because they are closer to “conceptual Thinking”. Association is basically not a join as such, it is just metadata about possible join …

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