SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting

SAP RAR – BRF+ Integration

Account Determination using 1 Transparent Table instead of 9 Decision Tables Why Transparent Table RAR account determination involves reference to 9 standard decision tables in BRF+, namely Existing receivable account determination Existing revenue account determination IFRS15 revenue account determination Contract asset account determination Contract liability account determination Receivable adjustment account determination Revenue adjustment account determination POB determination SSP determination These 9 decision tables are spread across 2 BRF+ applications. The …

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Possible Error with Resolution in SAP RAR

Common Errors in SAP RAR During the recent days I have been working on SAP RAR and finally managed to get to an extend where we are now able to understand the basic in the tool. I thought that It might be useful to list down all the Errors that I have faced so far here and some people who are currently working on this might benefit from this. Problem …

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Cost Object Controlling Integration – SAP RAR1.2

Hi All In this blog I will explain about the simple steps needed to integrate SAP RAR 1.2 with Cost object Controlling. Overview: Step 1 – Implement the note 2242051 Step 2 – Maintain Table V_TKKA_RR_AC Step 3 – Maintain Table V_TKKA_RR_ME Step 4- If you choose POC Based integration then you have make changes to the RA key setting in OKG4. Change the RA Category to ‘R’ so that this will not …

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