SAP Productivity Pak by ANCILE

When to upgrade? – Ancile (RWD) Help LaunchPad

Ancile ( RWD) Help LaunchPad is installed in the SAP system using saint or transport.   What to do when SAP is to be upgraded ?      There should be ‘Decision about add-on RWD’ prompted to select the operation to be performed, Ancile recommends to ‘Keep the Add-on with your version‘ and then once it is in place, it can be upgraded. Do we need to upgrade Help LaunchPad add …

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Is it possible/how to delete Ancile (RWD) Help LaunchPad in SAP system.

It is not possible to delete the Help LaunchPad add on/transport.     Like all products and components that are installed via transport/add on, there  is no clean way on uninstalling the product. The basic issue is that table definitions are connected to data elements which are connect to domains and search helps and function modules, etc. The deletion process in SAP is a single step mode that doesn’t’ do …

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Domain name change of SAPFulfillment page

If you are installing an Ancile product for the first time then you need to apply for a key through this updated link instead of Once there, you will need to provide all applicable information including SAP Customer Number, Registered Company Name and and Contact Information. Upon submission/receipt of this information, SAP Products Fulfillment will directly provide you with your company’s permanent product ID.   If you …

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