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IDOC_AAE Sender Adapter in SAP PO

Overview: A business scenario in which IDoc is to be sent from SAP-ECC to Non-SAP System via SAP-PO (SAP Process Orchestration 7.5 Single Stack). Here, in this blog, we focus on how IDoc is been transferred from SAP-ECC to SAP-PO. In SAP-PO, IDoc-xml is to be transformed to a specific message …

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SAP PI/PO & your 0 issues philosophy (yes is possible): Here just your own Analytics / BI via HANA OLAP / Lumira / Java / Excel or other technology that you decide

Dears, I will share a complete solution with the objective to achive the logic that will alow you to make corrective decisions for your solutions implemented or to monitor for preventive symptoms for current interfaces… After we can agree that a lot of companies suffer in their integration processes and …

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DevOps for SAP PI/PO developers

DevOps is nothing new but is it in the SAP community. Over the last couple of month, I have been introduced to the concepts of DevOps from different sides. According to Wikipedia DevOps was enters in 2008 around the Agile Infrastructure. To make it easier for the developer to move …

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Best practices Cloud Integration Content in SAP Process Orchestration – Overview

SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Cloud Platform Integration are complementary offerings supporting enterprise application integration. Whereas the former has been used rather focusing on integrating your on-premise landscape for A2A and B2B scenarios, the latter specifically addresses cloud-to-cloud and on-premise-to-cloud applications. The two integration platforms build the cornerstone for SAP’s …

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NW BPM process not running

I learned something new about Netweaver BPM processes today. For a client we had some User tasks they was completed by the user but then nothing else happened in the process. I the logs I could see that actions was completed by the user and but in my process I …

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