SAP Process Integration, business-to-business add-on

Simplify and accelerate B2B integration – SAP’s B2B add-on unveiled

In the beginning of 2012, March to be exact, SAP launched their own B2B integration software – the new B2B add-on for SAP PI and PO. Since that time, numerous blogs were published and dozens of articles were written. Time for a wrap-up, with links to key blogs and documents.  Let’s start with the B2B add-on itself it is a new product, released on 30.03.2012 B2B integration with 100% SAP products, …

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EDI to IDOC development using B2B Add-on in SAP PI/PO

Hi All, Scenario : I want to send EDI823(bank payments) data to Idoc(FINSTA01) using B2B Add-on in SAP PI/PO. Prerequisite to implement scenario: We need to install  B2B Add-on’s in PI/PO system. Once install the B2B Add-on’s check EDI Content Manager is properly installed or not. ESR object development: To create EDI823 data type we can use EDI content Manager tool. Select  EDI type and click on start button then we will get …

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