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Is May 25th, 2018 looming over your head?

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effective May 25, 2018 is right around the corner and it is critical that organizations get educated and take action in preparation.  Simply put, all organizations that collect and process personal data of EU data subjects regardless of size will be affected.  Organizations …

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Anti-ClickJacking and GRC

Clickjacking is an UI-redressing attack where an attacker tricks a user to click on something different than the user is aware of. This attack makes use of standard possibilities in HTML and does not use weaknesses in the code of the application. To tackle the Clickjacking, SAP deployed a mechanism …

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MDUG : Use it, Don’t abuse it!

SAP GRC Master data upload generator (MDUG) is an effective tool to upload Master data in the GRC Process Control system. This tool leverages MS Excel and can be used with tcode GRFN_MDUG.   When the program is run with option selected “Generate Template”, an Excel file is generated. Data …

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Policy Localization

Most of us who are using Policy feature provided in GRC Process control, know about the below listed processes in Policy life cycle management 1> Create and Document Policy 2> Review and Approve Policy 3> Publish and Distribute Policy 4> Review and monitor reports on Policy and Policy status A less known …

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Maintenance of BC-Sets

BC-Sets are group of data retrieved from the tables maintained by the maintenance view assigned to the IMG node. Several BC-Sets can be assigned to one IMG node. IMG node again is a maintenance view in the backend system.   How to maintain the context of existing BC-Sets Execute the …

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Process Control Workflow Configuration and Troubleshooting tips

Workflow configuration   1.Perform automatic workflow customization SPRO->Governance, Risk and Compliance->General Settings->Workflow->Perform Automatic Workflow Customization     Select the node Maintain Runtime Environment and click on F9 as below 2.SPRO->Governance, Risk and Compliance->General Settings->workflow->Perform Task-Specific Customization   Expand the GRC PC component and make sure you define General/Background task for …

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