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SAP PPM on WhatsApp

Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) category has now been added to the SAP Product Support “Product Lifecycle Management” WhatsApp broadcast channel. This Whatsapp channel is available for SAP customers and can be used to get the latest and most relevant updates from Product Support. By subscribing you will be able to receive information about important SAP …

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The Digitalization of Portfolio & Project Mngt – Don’t Ignore the Inevitable

Digital Transformation is currently a white-hot topic for Portfolio and Project Managers. Products, operations and supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and geographically dispersed, and organizations are therefore looking to technology to meet the challenge and deliver truly excellent PPM. The SAP Enterprise Portfolio & Project Management Forum (https://goo.gl/HGkntr), taking …

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Release of SAP Portfolio and Project Management 6.1 for side-by-side scenarios with S/4HANA Enterprise Management 1511

SAP Portfolio and Project Management 6.1 is now released for productive use in side-by-side installations with S/4HANA Enterprise Management 1511. Customers using SAP PPM 6.1 on a standalone system can now integrate this PPM to S/4HANA Enterprise Management 1511 e.g. for integration of financial, HR related information etc.. You find …

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dpr_get_tree report

HI collegues. I ve implemented report DPR_GET_TREE, that was awesome After using have questions, could you help me. For example, I am interested in how report could find records: – in the table DPR_BUPA_LINK, using as object of search Project GUID – in the table DPR_PART, using as object of …

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