SAP Policy Management

SAP FS-PM: Developing Master Policy ‘Like’ Functionality

There is a well-known guiding principle that when one builds a new software: That the software should be open for enhancement, but closed for modification. Let us assume that existing FS-PM groupware functionality, needs to be enhanced with more functionalities like Master Policy (MP). Hypothetically for the sake of this article, the following could be the functionality to be developed: Master Policy Template (MPT): This is like a “Sample Application” …

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Unit Tests in SAP Policy Management (FS-PM) – Mission Impossible?

Current Situation in SAP Policy Management (FS-PM) FS-PM is the SAP for Insurance module to handle the management of policies. It has a quite flexible and elaborate business object lying underneath with a lot of entities that connected to each other with different cardinalities. This flexibility can lead to an quite extensive i. e. large business object consisting of a lot of entities depending on how the insurance product is …

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Insurance: With SAP Policy Management (FS-PM) customers and intermediaries can change existing insurance policies online

Dear All, After many discussions with customers, prospects, consulting partners, and colleagues, I’m convinced that SAP owns a treasure for insurance companies that needs to be raised: SAP Policy Management (FS-PM). SAP Policy Management provides a key-feature that could change the insurance business globally. It can speed up daily business, and reduce costs – while increasing insurance customers’ and intermediaries’ satisfaction … the next generation is aready available. What I am …

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