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It’s all about Fuzzy !

The game of numbers so far what we have studied is based on Boolean theory introduced by George Boole in his first book “The mathematical Analysis of Logic” in 1847. The fundamental of Boolean theory is digital electronics that deals with completeness/incompleteness ( True / False , Yes / No …

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Generic Articles in Product Master

Generic Article is a special type of configurable article that can be used for structuring and maintaining variants of an article. Variants are articles that differ only in certain characteristics such as color, size, or flavor. They grouped together as generic articles. Generic articles do not exist physically and are …

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Materials/Articles(Product Master Classification ) Concept – how the classification data for a product is stored in database ?

​​            Material/Article Master Classifications     (Database tables at a Glance) Class/Characteristics master data database tables – KLAH – Class Master Data [CLINT –Internal Class Number, KLART –Class Type, CLASS – Class name] CABN – Characteristic master data [ATINN – Internal characteristic, ATNAM-Characteristics Name] KSML – Characteristics assignment to Class [CLINT …

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Time Variant MDM

Applies to: SAP MDM 7.1 Summary: Time is one of the aspect that impact Product in term of its physical characteristics or in terms of perceived effectiveness of its qualities. This has a direct implication on expected revenue for Retailers or Manufacturers and also impact on the operational cost to …

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MDM 7.1 troubleshooting guide

This document provides list of common errors that we face in MDM 7.1 along with the troubleshooting instructions. Target Audiences:  SAP MDM administrators. Issues & Solutions: SRM MDM Known Error DB Issue Solution MDM Console CRC error Check MDM console version and MDM server version, both should be at the …

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Selective Syndication

Applies to: SAP MDM 7.1 Summary Organizational boundaries are becoming thin incorporating external partners into the preview of enterprise MDM solution. It is inevitable to syndicate Master Data information to external parties like Business Partners, Vendors, Support Centers, Data Provides and many others. The ideal solution to do the data …

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