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Keep Mobile Simple

Introduction When talking about Mobile apps with Offline capabilities and the capacity to run on different kind of devices, most customers automatically think these apps will cost a lot of money. Depending on the Use case this is not always true. Recently I received the question of one of my …

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Custom Cordova Plugin – Mobile Hybrid App

Custom Cordova plugin I’m not going to spend too much time on introduction and start right away. I had to renew an outdated mobile app running on windows mobile 6.5. The new mobile should support multiple operating systems and different kind of devices. Therefore I’ve decided to create a Hybrid …

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TechEd Mobile content replays

MOB100: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Mobile Technology at SAP… MOB101: Mobilize Your Enterprise with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Portfolio MOB200: Going Digital: SAP’s Mobile Technology Strategy and Road Map … MOB200 – Increase Mobile App Adoption with Security that Enhances Usability … MOB202 – Architecting and Integrating Mobility …

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SMP 3 Management Cockpit Extension – Log Viewer

SMP 3 Management Cockpit Extension – Log Viewer SMP 3 Management Cockpit Extension – Log Viewer Introduction Information SMP Management Cockpit Extension Deployment Access Functionality and Usage Conclusion Introduction If you are using SAP Mobile Platform 3 you are likely also using the Management Cockpit which provides you functionality by …

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Release of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 SP 11

With the release of SP11 of the SAP Mobile Platform we introduced a lot of important changes and innovations: MBO Façade SAP Secure Login Server integration Revamped Admin UI Usage Analysis Feature migration from HCP mobile services for development and operations MBO Facade For the customers who are running MBO-based …

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My findings with SMP new Admin UI

With SMP 3.0 latest release SP11, Management cockpit got a new look and feel (similar to mobile service cockpit on HCP) based on SAP FioriTec style. There is an easy navigation, great user interface and of course improved in texting format. ‘Home’ page got nice tiles view with great ‘Toggle …

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