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SAP Lumira, desktop edition

Connecting to a custom Salesforce URL with Lumira Desktop

Background: Lumira Desktop supports connecting to https://salesforce.com to acquire data via the Free-Hand SQL option. By default Lumira connects to https://salesforce.com via the salesforce drivers available in Lumira desktop. However if the customer wants to connect to a custom salesforce URL (Eg., http://MyTestURL.salesforce.com), following steps needs to be performed:   Steps …

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MS Access DB with SAP Lumira

A lot of enterprises have business units that store data in MS Access Databases. I have been looking for a way to leverage SAP Lumira to analyze the data stores in these Access DBs. Unfortunately, I was unable to find an eay way to connect from Lumira to MS Access until …

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Boosting self-service geoanalytics

Edit 01/26/2017: New version of Galigeo For Lumira is now out! It was at SAPPHIRE 2016 we introduced the last big release of Galigeo For Lumira. Since, the solution has been providing an advanced geomapping experience to any Lumira user, abstracting all the complexity too often related to geospatial. The …

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Lumira and Big Data Support Know Hows

Today Enterprise or Social data is growing exponentially and hence the world is moving towards Big data solutions rapidly. While the reliance on the Big data grows for organizations, the analytical requirements for the same also increases. Ability to perform faster data connectivity, cleansing, visualizing, analyzing and sharing on top …

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