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Unlocking Cloud Computing for First Timer

As my first blog post, I wanted to focus on the birth of one the blooming technology base. I had this subject of Cloud Computing running on my mind as I came across people who already were working on the Cloud, managing quality, providing services, etc. But want to know “how we business before getting introduced to cloud computing?”. We run fast in the digital world and often think of …

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TEM and LSO Support Blog CW26/2017

Hi Guys, Sorry for the short break in posting the content. I will try to catch up with any new notes that has been released. Today I just want to give you a quick update on two new notes released last week in the area of LSO Learning Portal. The first note 2491538 solves an issue where there was a possibility for a user to execute a remote enabled function module (RFC) without authorization …

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Project management retrospective data observation

Snapshot of data pointers I collected for a project retrospective. The below data is for the ideal project management knowledge area(10) , against the corresponding process groups(5)., vs the 47 processes itself. Some of my observations, and many more may be let us allow it to decipher and brew over time.. Scope is left to be defined as when we need Time is eternity. Cost is buffered and pulled. Quality is …

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