SAP Java Virtual Machine

Java Bytecode Instrumentation Using Agent: Breaking into Java Application at Runtime

Intro In this blog, I would like to describe one of techniques that can be used to flexibly change application logic executed by a Java application server – or, to be more precise, within Java Virtual Machine (JVM) of its server nodes. JVM executes preliminary compiled and deployed platform agnostic bytecode (which is an outcome of Java source code compilation), and the technique described below is based on the concept …

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Let’s Debug! Debugging and Decompilation on-the-fly in SAP Application Server Java

Disclaimer Material in this blog is provided for information and technical features demonstration purposes only. Described decompilation and debugging techniques, even in case they make perfect sense from technical perspective, shall be a subject for assessment and evaluation from legal perspective to avoid violation of software license agreements.   Intro How often have you come across functionality in a SAP PI/PO system (SAP application server Java or SAP standard PI/PO …

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