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Create IAS Users (for SAP Jam) using Postman

Background: As you may know, SAP Jam Collaboration comes in different versions from a technical foundation perspective. There are two different applications, where customers handle access management &  user creation. SAP Jam doesn’t have a standalone user management built in and no “native” login either. The two options are: 1) …

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SAP Jam virtual bootcamp coming soon!

The SAP Jam virtual bootcamp provides an opportunity for SAP partner presales, sales, and/or implementation consultants to gain an in-depth understanding of the SAP Jam product portfolio through a mixture of webinars delivered via SAP Connect, activities through a SAP Jam collaboration room for partners, and hands on exercises with …

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14 Ways to JumpStart #SAPJam Collaboration, Communities or Groups

How a Group Admin or Leader Ensures Adoption! Important strategic initiatives, business outcomes and processes, collaboration, content, communications, and/or community building takes “time and effort” to translate onto SAP Jam.  The recent study, “Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of SAP Jam Collaboration for Learning, Onboarding and Employee Development” showcases the impact to cost savings, …

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