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Predictive Maintenance in IT Scenarios

Predictive Maintenance in IT Think of any “mission-critical” business process: order processing, being able to connect with customers (phone and email), shipping orders—it’s hard to imagine any that aren’t tied to IT. IT really is mission control of any organization, large or small. This means preventing outages before they impact …

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Creating a dashboard with drill-down into a time series chart with SAP IT Operations Analytics

Note: The tutorial within this blog post will build up on a previous blog post, so make sure you have read and implement this one first: https://blogs.sap.com/2017/08/02/creating-a-simple-time-series-chart-with-sap-it-operations-analytics/ What is a drill-down? In the previous blog post, we have built a simple dashboard with SAP IT Operations Analytics’ (SAP ITOA) Analytics Builder …

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Using Busines Data for Better IT Outcomes

SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA) brings a lot of value to IT organizations: Embedded Predictive Analytics makes it easy to anticipate and respond to issues before they happen Realtime monitoring and alerting lets IT respond immediately when issues do occur A holistic view helps simplify root-cause analysis and reduce …

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Data Sources SAP IT Operations Analytics

Abstract This page describes a list of data sources which can be integrated in SAP IT Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA). SAP ITOA provides a range of integration technology for several technology layers.    Data Sources Status June 30, 2017 TECHNOLOGY OPERATING SYSTEM DATABASE APPLICATION   ​  DATA SOURCE  SYSLOG-NG RSYSLOG  …

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What Really Matters in IT Event Management

Short Answer: Meaningful alerts A Bit Longer Answer: A single pane of glass combining real-time event analytic visualizations with contextual alerts sent in real-time Why? Event monitoring systems only show their true value when a component is trending towards failure or a component has failed. For example a solid-state storage …

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Simply Analyze Your Data

What is the Analytics Builder? Basically the Analytics Builder is a powerful tool to create SQL queries in a simple and fast way by using a graphical interface. Just use drag & drop objects to create a story and integrate different data sources (e.g. IT infrastructure data, master data, business …

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