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Text join using pa0000 table in hana

Hi all, I am sharing you concept called text join in HANA, which we mainly use to extract descriptive data from a table or language specific data from a table. Text Join is used in order to get language-specific data. Text Join is used to fetch the description based on …

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Factory Calendar transpose in SAP HANA Studio step-by-step

Firstly I would like to reference a few blogs where some of the information to help with the below was sourced and would like to thank the bloggers for their invaluable contributions. https://blogs.sap.com/2016/06/27/factory-calendar-consumption-in-sap-hana/ (by Dmitry Kuznetsov Dmitry references blogs by Abani Pattanayak https://archive.sap.com/documents/docs/DOC-50541 & https://archive.sap.com/documents/docs/DOC-51791 _____________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION & OBJECTIVE My experience was …

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Advance Hierarchy Modeling with SAP HANA

Advance Hierarchy Modeling with SAP HANA.   Scenario:- While working on one of the reporting requirements, where i had to calculate various KPIs based on hierarchy nodes. Huge volume of transaction data was coming from various flat files sources. Master data files were also being consumed through flat file. The …

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Website with HANA XSJS backend

Content delivery networks (CDN) for mobile and web applications 1) eliminates the hassles of hosting 2) performs faster in all cases 3) has zero maintenance needs. Below steps will help to create website  including analytics, fonts, scripts for dynamic forms and HANA backend for web application(s). Create local website files …

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importing test data into SAP HANA

Today I learned how to import data from a CSV file into HANA: 1. look at your CSV file In my case it contained 9 columns and each of them did not have more than 50 characters 2. create a table in HANA So I created a table with 9 columns, …

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Activar Script Server (scriptserver)

Accedemos al HANA Studio con el usuario administrador del Sistema HANA (SYSTEM por defecto) Click derecho sobre el sistema, y seleccionar la opción Administration. En la pestaña Configuración, buscamos daemon.ini–>Scriptserver–>instances y configuramos con el valor=1 Reiniar instancia HANA    

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