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SAP + Microsoft join forces to accelerate business innovation

You have probably seen or heard about the recent joint announcement by SAP and Microsoft to “join forces to accelerate business innovation”. As a former SAP, now Microsoft employee this obviously is a huge announcement for me. https://news.sap.com/microsoft-sap-give-customers-trusted-path-digital-transformation-cloud/  https://news.microsoft.com/?p=386524   In this blog I quickly want to outline, why this …

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Three paradigm shifts in digital civilization

“When software become strategy, rather strategy is software”. This is the new vibe we heard in SAP SAPPHIRE 2017.Here is the three shifts happening in new digital civilization. Technology is becoming open, automated and scalable. Openness means business process excellence touching every layer of data from top to the line …

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HANA Utility SQL List

Hi All, I have seen lot of folks complaining about readily available utility views/tables for day to day activities … Most of the information is available in the system tables but not at one place.. I thought I would come up with some utility sql’s that can help in day to …

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