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SAP Global Batch Traceability

Influence new developments for SAP GBT

Current developments for SAP Global Batch Traceability are being done in the area of Handling Unit Traceability. In case you are interested in these new functionalities and would like to review and/or test the current development, please contact us using the following link: https://influence.sap.com/ct/s.bix?c=B9AF73BD-3ABC-4BDE-99B3-63FE675CF21C We are looking forward to get …

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Track and Trace in Global Space – Introducing SAP Global Batch Traceability rapid-deployment solution

SAP re-branded SAP Real Time Situational Awareness for Public Sector (RTSA) to SAP Real Time Analysis, Awareness, and Prediction for Public Sector (RAAP) to provide for solutions that meet our customers’ situational awareness platform and application expectations. Why Re-branding? Provide end-to-end industry solutions for situational awareness integrated in the 2016 …

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