Fiori travel expenses – Configure workflow (approve travel expenses)

Hi, After preparing the Fiori application for request and approval of travel expenses may not generate the approval workflow for the manager. This has happened to us after deploying the application. Fortunately with a little research we have been able to configure it, this entry will try to help you in this task 😉 ** note that some screen shorts are in spanish. To generate the WF of travel expenses we …

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SAP Fiori and SAP ESS/MSS Leave Request Approval – A Bad Bad Romance – Part 3

Welcome back to this bad romance series of Approve Leave Request from ESS/MSS and Fiori UX. In Part 1 and Part 2. We have established a case and a workflow to run synchronously from both sides. In this part I will explain you the technical part of the workflow we have just discussed. So get set go! Technical Part of Leave Request Multi Level Workflow To cater the customized changes …

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