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Extend SAP Fiori Demo Cloud Application

Introduction : SAP Fiori Cloud Demo is a useful Cloud application, it offers a list of SAP Standard apps. We can try/extend those apps easily. Before this i remember the first time when i spent hours to patch my on-premise system with correct Add-on’s, activation Odata services and managing roles …

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SAP Fiori Cloud in 3 Minutes

I was recently asked to deliver a presentation on SAP Fiori Cloud – in only 3 minutes. Needless to say, sticking to 3 minutes is hard when there is so much to say! I ended up writing notes and thought I’d share them here for anyone interested in a beginner’s …

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SAP Fiori Demo Cloud takes on a mobile focus

I may be a bit biased since I’m one of the product managers working on SAP Fiori Cloud, but I think that the SAP Fiori Demo Cloud (https://www.sapfioritrial.com) is pretty cool.  We’ve probably all heard of the concept “start with the end in mind” right?  Well Fiori Demo Cloud allows …

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