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Making Sense of ESP Passwords

This information applies to new and old users of SAP Event Stream Processor. If you are looking for information on installing Smart Data Streaming, refer to the SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming: Installation and Update Guide. If you have installed SAP Event Stream Processor, you may have realized that you’ve …

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Harnessing the Internet of Things

Great video of Steve Lucas presenting at the Internet of Things World Congress.  The presentation showcases the Smart Vending solution. Starting about 17 minutes in,  Steve explains how event processing technology is used to actively monitor and analyze sensor data from the vending machines, in real-time, to make decisions and …

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PowerDesigner, HANA and ESP

One of the nice new features for accelerating development with the Real-Time Data Platform (RTDP) in SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor (ESP) 5.1 SP02 is support of HANA- and ESP-aware extensions for the PowerDesigner modeling products. These extensions enable rapid application development by making it easy to work with data …

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Internet of Things

At SAPPHIRE NOW 2013 in Orlando last month, there was a lot of buzz about the Internet of Things.  Here’s an interview with Suhas Uliyar from SAPPHIRE that talks about the kinds of thiings that IoT enables, and how SAP HANA enables real-time analysis so that you can act on …

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Real-time pricing in online retail

Perusing the Sunday papers  this week, and I ran across this interesting article in the New York Times that describes how some online retailers are adjusting their prices hourly in response to the moves by competitors. It seems to me to be a good use case for event processing: continuous …

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Analyzing SAP MII events with ESP

Sam Castro just published an excellent paper over on the SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) space on SCN that describes how SAP Sybasse ESP can be used with MII for additional real-time analysis of events.  Here’s how Sam describes the business scenario for using ESP with MII:   …

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