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Harmonization Concepts in SAP Demand Signal Management

Harmonization The objective of this post is to make clear two concepts of SAP Demand Signal Management (DSIM) Harmonization engine: Mapping and Matching and Attribute Harmonization. Harmonization refers to how DSIM deals with the problem of storing master data from different origins that refers to the same “physical object”. Example: suppose we want to load two …

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SAP DSiM Try Before You Buy

Demand Signal Management (DSiM) Try Before You Buy Demand Signal Management (DSiM) Try Before You Buy, based on the SAP Supply Chain Model Company, is a reference landscape with a pre-configured and pre-installed instance of DSiM. The DSiM TBYB allow SAP customers to try out predefined scenarios using demo data. …

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Beiersdorf Leverages HANA and SAP Demand Signal Management To ‘Tell Stories from their Data that Marketers Love to Read’

Data driven organizations pride themselves on making decisions that are rooted in undisputable facts and figures. They strive to measure and quantify the impact of everything they do on customer satisfaction, churn rates, revenues and margins. While these internal looking metrics provide a strong benchmark of the incremental progress of …

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POS data load to DSiM – Issues

Hi, Many times we come across with some issues while initiating data load to DSiM system. For example , your file pattern in ‘Inbound’ folder is “Locations20130603″, it inidates June 3rd 2013 , to read files from folder scanner first we should trigger upload jobs , then initiate ‘Process Monitor” …

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Instance tables in SAP DSiM

Hi, DSiM has five instance tables which need to cleansed to reflect new data deliveries in the system /DDF/D_DDEL_INS -Data delivery instance table /DDF/D_STEP_INS – Step instance table /DDF/D_PROC_INS -Process instance table /DDF/D_DSET_INS – Data set instance table /DDF/D_FILE_INS -File Instance table Schedular daemon program (SE38) – /DDF/ADU_DAEMON_SCHEDULAR, this program …

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