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Using multiple optional parameters

I just created a report which had two required parameters and five optional parameters.  I found quite a bit of information about how to create and use an optional parameter, but I could not find anything how to make use of more than one optional parameter.  I couldn’t figure out …

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Exporting formulae to the Repository

There might be many circumstances wherein the same formulae needs to be developed for many reports For Instance, Count(Transactions), Report Title, PageNumbers, etc… Rather than creating them for each and every report,they can be developed and exported to the repository which will be visible in all reports to use. Create …

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Creating CheckBox in Crystal Reports 2008

Sometimes requirement might come where in we need to use check boxes in our reports. This document shows how to create check boxes in Crystal Reports 2008. The eFashion universe is used for the demonstration purpose. Here if the Sales Revenue is more than 10000, we need to check the …

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Deployment Of CRYSTAL REPORT or CRYSTAL RPEORT 2008 on Apache Tomcat / How to view Crystal Report on Web Browser

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            DEPLOYMENT OF CRYSTAL REPORTS ON APACHE TOMCAT Task was to deploy the crystal reports on Apache tomcat, in order to view the reports on web browser. We have perform following steps to do this, Applications used are, Java Eclipse for crystal reports 2008. JDK 1.6. Apache Tomcat. Any …

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Experimenting with Section Expert

A surprising behavior observed when I was experimenting with the Section Expert in Crystal Reports. It doesn’t sounds logical, however if you require printing a blank page after every set of group in Crystal Reports this is the most simplest way that I have come across. 1.       Create a report …

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