SAP CRM Sales integration with SAP ERP

Activate Availability Check in CRM and use ECC in backend

If you want MRP in SAP ERP, you can carry out an Available-To-Promise (ATP) availability check in the business transaction in SAP CRM using SAP R/3.   In ECC system use transaction code BF31       In SAP ECC you must activate the business transaction events (BTEs) for Availability Check Using SAP ERP. To set this indicator in SAP ECC:   Use transaction FIBF (SAP Business Framework: Business Transaction …

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How Virtual Sales is Assisting Enterprise Sales or Traditional Field Sales

Virtual sales is another word for Inside sales which originally came in the late 1980’s in Britain as a process to do telemarketing rather going with complex B2B or B2C Sales processes. It can also be termed as ‘Remote Sales’.   The inside sales process is used to run the sales campaign working from the office using telephone , email or web based systems. This model is often cost effective …

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