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How to reset BCM.Admin password

If you somehow forgot your BCM.Admin user password and you don’t have any other administrator user, then you can reset the password using SQL Managment Studio. Under Configuration database you will see AuthLogin table. Click on it with right mouse and choose “Edit Top 200 Rows”. Delete the password and …

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Planned SAP BCM trainings for 2013

SAP has planned the following training agenda for technical SAP Business Communications Management trainings for 2013. For more details about the course contents and registration, please click on the applicable link below. WEEK # TYPE LOCATION 4 5 day technical Finland 10 5 day maintenance India 12 5 day technical …

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What Happens When?

Do you know what happens when a BCM component fails? Here, I found the Effects of Inactive BCM Components slide when checkig it for a customer. This slide is for BCM 6.0 and I believe it is valid for BCM 7 too. Inacvive Component Effects on the softphone Effects on …

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