SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things

Fiori OVP using HCP IoT Services shows No data due to $batch infinite loop

This is the solution to a question originally posted by Daniel Hernandez on September 8, 2016 but that has since then been archived and is therefore no longer open to responses. Basically, displaying HCP IoT Services data in a Fiori OVP as per my respective blog started to show No data any longer, while a network analysis revealed an infinite $batch loop: A deeper analysis now revealed that this is due …

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Why 50 Billion Connected Devices Really Do Matter

An unfortunate outcome of any new technology buzz, like the Internet of Things and Big Data, is that it often carries with it, overly used and overly communicated sound bites, that become so deafening that eventually most people just stop listening. Consider these recent gems: In the last five years the world has created more data than all the preceding years combined By 2020, it’s projected there will be more connected devices than people …

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An IoT PoC – Using HCP IoT Services and on premise SAP TM/EM for Cold chain monitoring

An IoT Proof of Concept – Using HCP IoT Services and on premise SAP Transportation Management/Event management for Cold chain monitoring   Here is a PoC which uses an IoT device (Ti Sensor Tag CC2650), HANA Cloud Platform IoT Services, HANA Cloud Connector (HCC) and on premise SAP application systems(TM and EM). The PoC is built to monitor the temperature of a Freight Order (FO) which transports temperature sensitive products …

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