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SAP BI 4.2 SP5: Web Intelligence およびセマンティックレイヤーの新機能

このドキュメントでは、SAP BI 4.2 Support Package 5 の Web Intelligence およびセマンティックレイヤーに関する拡張をまとめて説明しています。BI Platform ツールの拡張についてもいくつか簡単に説明しています。 SAP BI 4.2 およびそのサポートパッケージでは多くの拡張が導入されています(詳細はこちらを参照してください)。SAP BI 4.2 SP5 の Web Intelligence およびセマンティックレイヤーに関する拡張だけでなく技術革新も、以下の分野では継続して行われています。 Web Intelligence インタラクティブビューア Web Intelligence Java/HTML パリティ Web Intelligence 分析およびレポート Web Intelligence クエリー Web Intelligence スケジュール Web Intelligence セキュリティ Web Intelligence サンプル インフォメーションデザインツール BI セット サポートされるデータソース Web …

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Dynamic Publication

Dynamic Webi Publication bursting to multiple email ids Scenario:- let’s say an webI report that has multiple sections based on ‘Product Hierarchy’ or any other key field. That report need to be published to different distribution list depending upon the Section. i.e if the report has 30 different Types of …

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SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Calculation Engine Changes

Hello everyone, A new section has been added to the Wiki on the Web Intelligence Calculation Engine Changes, see: https://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/display/BOBJ/SAP+BusinessObjects+Web+Intelligence+Calculation+Engine+Changes Here is the new section: Dimension Variables in the Body of a Cross-Table Since Web Intelligence 4.0, dimension variables which are assigned to the body of a cross-table are automatically …

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Chart Background as Alerter

The blog post was created after addressing this interesting requirement that @edwar.lara had. Instead of creating an Alerter in Chart, in the usual way of coloring the Bars/Columns/Lines with different colors depending on a Target value, he wanted to color the background of Chart itself, as below. Simple idea or workaround, is to …

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The following database error occurred: [Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0] : Named Pipes Provider: Could not open a connection to SQL Server [53]

Environment: SAP BI Platform 4.1 SP6 P4 I have got this error while refreshing a Web Intelligence report. After reading blogs I even tried to ping the Database server from the Application Server where I installed the SAP BusinessObjects. I get results. 😕 But the issue here was with port …

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A Commentary on Commentary

Interested in the new Commentary capabilities in WebIntelligence 4.2 then read on. Firstly a short disclaimer – I work in the PreSales team within SAP Australia, specialising in Business Intelligence, HANA and Information Management. Secondly, these are my own opinions and observations and should not be taken as SAP’s official …

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