SAP BusinessObjects – Web Intelligence – SDK

Communicating with RESTful Web Services via Python

Introduction SAP introduced a RESTful Web Service SDK in 4.X environments to interact with the BI platform and its components. In previous 3.X versions, you were tied into using the Java and .NET SDKs which were tedious to set up and correctly configure an environment for. By moving to a RESTful Web Service, SAP has unlocked the potential to communicate with your BI platform via any language of your choice, …

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How to List Out Dimensions / Measures of Reports in BOE 3.X

Introduction A common question when assessing your BusinessObjects landscape is “which Dimensions and Measures are being used in which reports?” If you are in the 4.X environment, your best bet for pulling this information would be to leverage the RESTful Web Service SDK to query for that information. If you haven’t used the RESTful Web Services before, you may find my blog post on how to use Python to communicate with those services …

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