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Open Doc Syntax in Design Studio

Hi Using Open Doc syntax to connect from SAP Design Studio application to Web Intelligence Report. Datasource: Universe(ODBC Connection) Design Studio version : 1.6 SP03 Step1: Create Web Intelligence report using universe and assign optional prompts. Example Step1: Create Web Intelligencereport with State,city and sales revenue fields. Here state is optional …

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Viewing SAP Design Studio Dashboards in Microsoft SharePoint / Office365 Sharepoint

While SAP IOMS (Integration Option for Microsoft SharePoint) can support viewing of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (WebI) and Crystal Reports in SharePoint, it does not support viewing of SAP Design Studio dashboards yet. But there is a way to achieve this integration. The following SAP Note 2057298 (https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2057298) provides more …

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Storytelling through Data

The power and importance of a story can be understood from the words of Rudyard Kipling. He once said, “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” The same applies to visualization of data. Developers and analysts must understand that data will influence only …

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Customize your Spreadsheet using CSS

Hi all,Here’s a short blog comprising the basic customizations that can be done to Spreadsheet Component using CSS. Below is a spreadsheet with sample Data: Customize Row Dimension Header: First Dimension: Lets make the font color Dimension header Customer to Red. CSS: /*First Row Dimension Header – Customer ID*/ .custom …

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Increasing the size of chart

Hi guys,   Here is BIAL coding for zoom in and zoom out for chart in SAP DESIGN STUDIO 1.6 For zoom in chart, first place the icon on dashboard and go to on click and paste the coding below CHART_1.setVisible (false); GRID_LAYOUT_1.setVisible(true); CHART_2.setVisible (true); GRID_LAYOUT_1.setVisible(false); ZOOMIN_PLUS.setVisible (false); GRID_LAYOUT_1.setVisible(true); ZOOM_MINUS.setVisible …

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Design Studio General Issue Troubleshoot Round Table

Dear Community, Update from September 9th: uploaded the presentation file for the interested ones: Presentation Thanks for your attendance and enjoy! Marcio ———————————————————————————————– Next Tuesday, September 6th, I will be hosting a round table where techniques for issue troubleshooting in Design Studio will be shown and discussed with a small …

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