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Custom Reset in SAP Dashboards

There are times when users want to clear all selections and return to the default state on a Dashboard. In SAP Dashboards, this can be achieved by using the “Reset Button” component. Although the “Reset Button” is of great utility in many scenarios, it has its limitations when it comes …

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SAP Business Objects Dashboard (BCO6181, VUT)

SAP Business Objects Dashboard (BCO6181, VUT) Definition A dashboard is a collection of information that improves performance of the business and individual as well as easily accessible. The collection of information comes from different sources and in different formats. “Dashboard design is a story-telling. A good story contains a beginning, …

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Dynamic sorting in Xcelsius / Dashboard Designer

Hi, I am sharing one solution that is mostly required for doing the dynamic sorting in Dashboard Designer and Xcelsius. The whole logic is placed in the excel. I got it from the below link http://exceluser.com/blog/225/how-to-sort-data-in-reports-automatically-using-excel-formulas.html Many Excel reports include tables that show sorted results. Usually, these tables were sorted …

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Mobile-Adaptable SAP Dashboards

Introduction Expanding on this Blog , How to identify Xcelsius dashboard is running on Desktop or Mobile device? SAP Dashboards has expanded beyond desktops to deliver HTML based mobile dashboards, albeit with some limitations. This poses some challenges, in terms of creating a dashboard, for both iPad and desktop, since …

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Offline Dashboards

Hi Everyone, Offline Dashboards is the new feature provided in Dashboards 4.1 onwards. How we can achieve it is also given in the user guide but most of us are still confused as to how it is really achieved. Here is a bit of theory along with an example: Offline …

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