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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform

How to promote all content from SAP BI 4.x to SAP BI 4.x using LCM_CLI.bat (Command Line Tool) using Live to Live method.

Hi, What is Lcm_cli.bat ? It is Command line interface for running the  Promotion Management when you wanted to migrate the content more than 1000+ objects between SAP Business Intelligence BI 4.x environment. When using GUI method i.e. Promotion Management it is not possible to promote/create a lcmbiar file with …

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This article tells you about new user prinicipal getting added when users(other than default users ex: Administrator,guest etc..) are migrated from BI 3.x to BI 4.0 SP5 onwards

In BI 3.x while creating the user in BI through CMC we have option of “user cannot change password” 1. When “user cannot change password”  option is checked.    Here the user name is user1. So a new principal with name “user1” is getting added to this user after migrating …

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