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How to Analyze BW Queries in TCODE RSRT

Hi, Below follows essential SAP notes while analyzing, troubleshooting BW OLAP queries in RSRT. – Troubleshooting: Query Results Issues: SAP Note: 1591837 – How to analyze query results Highlighted Points: [I] Introduction/Summary [II] Query Monitor (RSRT) [II.a] Technical Information & Special Features [II.b] Execute & Debug [II.c] Key Figure Definition …

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Rollup in BW

Hello, I have just created a SAP note that relates with the steps to create a rollup in BWA. As you all may know If new data packages (requests) are loaded into the InfoCube, they are not immediately available for Reporting via an aggregate/BWA index. To provide the aggregate/BWA index …

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Types of Infocube!!

Hi All,   Lets first see about the Definition & Types of Infocube. Infocube: Definition An object that can function as both a data target and an InfoProvider. Use InfoCubes are supplied with data from one or more InfoSources or ODS objects (Basic InfoCube) or with data from a different …

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