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Embed your BRF+ Customizing catalog within your own customizing

Do you wonder how you can add a BRF+ customizing to you individual customizing structure? Well here is my solution for this: 1) Create report to display a catalog                 REPORT zdisplay_catalog. PARAMETERS p_catid TYPE if_fdt_types=>id. DATA lo_cat_maint_mode TYPE if_fdt_wd_types=>catalog_maintenance_mode.DATA lv_enable_structure_change TYPE abap_bool.DATA lo_ui_execution TYPE REF TO cl_fdt_wd_viewer. lo_cat_maint_mode = …

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Creation of Procedure call in SAP BRF+

For embedding the ABAP function modules into BRF+ we can use the procedure call. Step 1.Choose any ABAP function module Sample function module: CONVERSION_EXIT_ISOLA_INPUT Let’s see the functionality of this function module. This function module is used to convert for example if the language code (DE), then it is converted …

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Upload data from excel into Decision Table using BRF+ API’s

Hi All, Let us upload values from excel into Decision table using the BRF+ API’S Using the following code PARAMETERS: ip_rule     TYPE rlgrap–filename OBLIGATORY.CONSTANTS:  gc_appl_id   TYPE if_fdt_types=>id  VALUE ‘005056C000081EE58CD3919CB9A80957’,“Application GUID            gc_dt_id     TYPE if_fdt_types=>id  VALUE ‘001E671A4F281ED5BD97A46E4673360F’,“Decision Table GUID            gc_xls       TYPE string  VALUE ‘.xls’,            gc_dir       TYPE string  VALUE ‘c:’,            gc_*xls      TYPE string  …

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Thank you contributors!

The Business Rule Management space started some years ago as a spin-off from the Business Process space. I’ve always told the marketing folks at SAP that business rules and business processes are two different things and that the one (rules and decisions) should not be seen only in the scope …

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BRF+ Theme change

Hi All, This blog will assist you on how to change the BRF+ Theme.. Login to your system and Execute the Tx –> BRF+ Before Changing the Theme Now goto Tx –> SE80 Give package – Web Dynpro component Object – FDT_WD_ADMIN_TOOL Under Web dynpro Applications choose fdt_wd_workbench Select display/change …

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BRFplus: Numbers with style

Did you ever feel the need to format numbers in BRFplus? Well I did. tl;dr BRF+ does not offer a function for formatted number output, but this can be very easily fitted via trivial ABAP coding. Business requirement I recently had to implement a business check rule for characteristic values …

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