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Resume/Recover of Automated Activities in BPM

During process modeling we create automated activity and assign a service interface to it.When the process is executed at runtime, the respective Web service is called and the automated activity is executed.Automated activities can fail for several reasons:Configuration Error,Web service provider is down,Network error etc.If an automated activity failed, we …

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Process Instance Search Using Context Attributes

Introduction Access Process Context Attributes Using the BPM Reporting API Access the Reporting Data Source ID Using the BPM Public API Access Process Context Attributes Using JPA References Introduction SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management 7.3 EHP1 offers various possibilities to search process instances using process context attributes. The default out …

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Steering and monitoring planning processes with SAP BPM – free webinar on Oct 29th, 2013

I’m pleased to announce that CubeServ will present a new webinar – in German language – on Oct 29th. ============================================================================= Of course, we have Trainings in all BPM areas also in English language included in our offering. On request, we’re providing training also in English language. ============================================================================= Topic will be …

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BPM @ DSAG Kongress 2013

I attended this year’s DSAG (German SAP User Group) conference as a speaker.  We presented the BPM projects we have implemented so far and our lessons learned introducing SAP BPM. At the conference there were a couple of other interesting presentations about BPM.  Two of them I like to highlight. …

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What is BPM?

Let’s do a quick, and maybe also funny discussion about what BPM means from your point of view…Here are my options for you: BPM … 1 … is a Software Solution! 2 … Beats Per Minute – Bum, Badong 3 … is a holistic management discipline! 4 … is a …

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Scheduling NW BPM Process

Few times we have come across requirement to have BPM process scheduled. So, that will run at predefined interval. We couldn’t find any standard way of doing it than having it triggered from PI/ECC, some scheduling tools or by some other process (or perhaps using Java Schedular API). But in …

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