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SAP Business Process Management

BPM Reporting can be done in multiple ways by using RDS or JPA. This BLOG primarily discusses best practices to handle business reporting on BPM Processes using RDS or JPA

SAP NetWeaver BPM is used for implementation of complex business processes that generate a lot of business data while execution. This data is used both for decision making while execution and for the analysis of the business processes. The business process may involve and interact with SAP and third party …

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aBPM Step by Step – Part 1

In this blog series I will outline how to use aBPM for your BPM processes to benefit from model driven user interface and persistence for BPM processes. I’ll start with the basic Excel based modelling and later show how to react on user events like buttons or search-helps with program …

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Generating Fiori UIs

In the previous blog post, we explained how to use the SAP UI5 generation provided with SAP BPM to create task UIs. These generated UIs have been a useful starting point for developing your own UIs. Starting with NetWeaver 7.50 SP02, further improvements for the generated task UIs are now …

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A Word on Federation

There are different ways to achieve federation across multiple systems using Process Observer. After recent inquiries from customers I think it may be worth to share one specific approach here. This post will be a bit technical and detail-oriented to help you along with the specific situation around federation described …

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User texts as process subject in BPM

Recently I had a request to add a value from the process start trigger to the Process Subject field of the BPM monitoring page. That’s this field: I followed the steps in the SAP Help page (http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw73ehp1/helpdata/en/90/6c21b3e94f422e8e4a6b1c5f1f3432/frameset.htm) exactly: only to end up with an error when starting the process. The …

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Process Observer: More to See

We have written about visualization before, but there are some improvements to the visualization of process flow that deserve a separate blog post. I will discuss the visualization of the process instances. Everything I explain here is also possible for process definitions; however, I believe extensive configuration has more value …

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