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SAPbobsCOM – System.Reflection part 1

Have you ever done an import program into SBO objects from any source file, that after you have finished and implemented it,  the user would asked whether you can add some more fields into the imported objects? remove this, change the field links ? You will end up modifying your …

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How to use UDO services in DI Server

UDO services are available in DI API/DI Server since SAP Business One 2007A PL46. You can refer to the blog about Simple Sample Blog.  Nowadays, the questions are frequently asked about accessing UDO in DI Server. Q1: Can we access UDO via DI Server? Answer: Yes. Typically, there is a …

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Simple Sample Blog

After several years of working with the SDK I fully understand the added value of a good and simple sample. Therefore, I’ve decided to open a new blog where I’ll publish SDK samples. The name of the blog would be “Simple Sample Blog” and I promise to provide only simple …

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SAP Business One Development Environment Tools

The SAP Business One SDK provides several programming interfaces to build powerful and fully integrated add-ons. In order to make easier and quicker to develop and package add-ons based on the SAP Business One SDK interfaces we created the SAP Business One Development Environment tools. You can access to the setup …

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